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Top 5 Burger Chain Lift Report

We helped a top 5 burger chain generate 123.01% incremental revenue lift from their CLO campaign with a $8.30 net iROAS

The intent of this analysis is to quantify incremental revenue impact of the card-linked advertising campaign. This study helps answer the question, “how much revenue would not have been generated without advertising through the card-linked offer campaign?” To accomplish this, we created (a) a test group and (b) a randomly selected control group from the total eligible population of cardholders. Cardholders in the test group are served the offer and cardholders in the control group are not served the offer. The premise underlying the analysis is that cardholders in both the test and control groups are equally likely to be driven to purchase organically or through other marketing initiatives. The singular difference between the two groups is that the test group is served the card-linked offer and the control group is not.

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