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Your Card-Linked Offer Growth Partner

We are the largest independent CLO (card-linked offers) agency in the country, enabling us to provide our clients with the greatest reach coupled with unbiased advice, unparalleled results and extraordinary service.


CLO Agency of Record

Save Time & Money

  • One company to work with vs. many.

  • Economies of scale passed on to client.

Change or Decay

  • We are obsessed with innovation.

Greatest Reach

  • USA: 300M linked cards

  • Global: 400M linked cards

We speak the C-Suite Language

  • Now more than ever, C-suite wants to see ROI from marketing. We give marketers the data and language to shine.

​Consolidated Data

  • All your campaign data, reporting and insights in one place.


LuckyDiem Is Leading The Industry Forward

CLO Today

  • Targeted Offers

  • Best-in-class ROI

CLO With Advanced Matching

  • Item or SKU level offers

  • Highly customized incentives

CLO With Loyalty

  • Cash back as merchant e-credit / gift card

  • 2x the current ROI of current CLO advertising

  • Converts debit and credit card users into loyalty rewards customer

CLO Marketing is Entering a Golden Age


ROI - Best in class ROI, ROAS, iROAS 

Cash Offers App.png


Targeting - New, Lapsed, Lite, Geo, Competitive Conquest


Protects Brand - Consumers pay full price


Turnkey - No technical or operational requirements


ATT-friendly - Not impacted by Apple privacy restrictions.   Reaping rewards of billions of dollars lost to ATT


Consumer-friendly - Win/Win; Consumer and brand both save money.  78% of consumers prefer cash back rewards


CLO + Affiliate Marketing

Brands are adding Card-linked Offers (CLO) to their marketing mix at a feverish pace.

As economic headwinds continue, C-suite execs have been demanding more data and
proof that their marketing dollars are delivering sales as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Here's How CLO is Helping

Audience Segmentation and Targeting:  New, Lapsed, Lite and/or Loyal customers

Gated, Single-use Offers:  Improves ROI

Consumer Pays Full Price: Protects brand from perceived discounting + Bank appears to be offering incentive

Consumer Insights:  Sales lift, LTV, Share of Wallet, Share Shift, etc.

iROAS Reporting: Know exactly how much is dropping to the bottom-line

What Digital Marketing Tools Did Your Company Use....png

Source:  Digital Commerce Annual Industry Study 2022

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