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Your Card-Linked Offer Growth Partner

LuckyDiem offers brands a new, powerful way to create completely risk-free multi-touch marketing that amplifies the ROI generated by CLO advertising

Card-Linked Offers

5 - 15x Guaranteed


  • Performance-based

  • Cost Per Revenue

  • Cost Per Action

  • 200M+ debit + credit card users

  • Promoted on bank's app, web, emails

  • Performance-based

  • Targetable

  • Consumer pays full price

Gift Cards

% of $X

We buy your gift cards from our own media fees

  • $0

  • Distributed to separate CLO audience

  • Serves as incremental sales and marketing channel

Loyalty App

Loyalty App.png


Significant incremental revenue upside

  • $0

  • Large value gift cards for lotteries

  • Smaller value gift cards won instantly

  • Share gift cards for referrals

  • Connects brands with consumer's moment of happiness

  • Small value gift cards drive new, larger value purchases

  • Free referral marketing


LuckyDiem provides security for brands to reduce marketing

costs on overlapping affiliate and card-linked offer promotions

100% Risk-Free
CLO + Affiliate Marketing

Results in increased new and/or lapsed customers with 

accurate and efficient performance-based media fees



See What Our Clients Say About Us

We've had nothing but 

a great experience with LuckyDiem

Motel 6

Rob Palleschi, CEO

1,430 Locations

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