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Strategic Cost Management: Leveraging Card-Linked Offers to Combat Rising Customer Acquisition Costs in the QSR Industry

Analyzing the Surge in Customer Acquisition Costs

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Nearly Half of Consumers With Kids Would Switch to Merchants With Card-Linked Offers

Sixty-five percent of credit or debit card users prefer to shop with brands or merchants where they are members of loyalty or rewards programs.

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Retailer scales its online grocery pick-up and delivery service through targeted card-linked campaign

Our CLO network partner helped one of the world’s largest retailers generate awareness and drive trial and adoption of their online grocery delivery and pick-up service. From limited market pilots to full national rollout, LuckyDiem’s custom ad solution is focused on shopper acquisition and retention.

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What Are Card-Linked Offers? And Why Should Brands be Using Them?

Card-Linked Offers provide a frictionless purchase journey for the consumer and highly targeted, fraud-free marketing for brands. Merchants benefit from 100% attribution, best-in-class ROI and increased customer loyalty.

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