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Retailer scales its online grocery pick-up and delivery service through targeted card-linked campaign

Our CLO network partner helped one of the world’s largest retailers generate awareness and drive trial and adoption of their online grocery delivery and pick-up service. From limited market pilots to full national rollout, LuckyDiem’s custom ad solution is focused on shopper acquisition and retention.


With the online grocery sector continuing to grow as more consumers shift grocery spend online, leading retailers and grocers are responding with convenient pick-up and delivery services. As the online grocery space fills with competitive services all fighting for customers, acquiring and retaining new shoppers is paramount as the sector expands, especially as the pandemic further accelerates the adoption of online grocery shopping with consumers staying home.


Our card-linked offer (CLO) network partner executed a campaign targeting card-linked ads to new customer prospects. Leveraging purchase data of 45 million cardholders, they served card-linked ads to consumers who had not previously purchased groceries from this retailer including those who were buying groceries online through competitors. The card-linked ad featured a 10% cash back offer to incentivize consumers to buy groceries online for the first time and was published across their financial institution partners to reach consumers through their mobile and online banking experiences. The campaign was supported by a dedicated email marketing campaign to promote the online grocery service and 10% cash back offer at no additional cost.


The campaign led to the acquisition of over two-hundred thousand new online grocery shoppers, fueled by 119% lift in conversions. Amongst the new shoppers, 47% completed at least one additional online grocery order within 60 days of their first purchase. Following the campaign, this online grocery retailer gained 68% market share amongst new shoppers who had previously not used their service to buy groceries online.

Campaign Highlights

  • 119% incremental lift

  • $7.22x return on ad spend

  • 68% market share shift

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