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Fluffle Ambassador Program

What is LuckyDiem?

LuckyDiem is the first and largest gamified CLO (card-linked offers) loyalty program in the US, leveraging behavioral economics in all aspects of its design. Our app has games, raffles, and prizes, making it easy and fun to save money and win cash back offers.


Our Referral Network - Fluffle!

The referral network, which we have lovingly dubbed Fluffle, is your unique network of connections that you make through personal referrals! These referrals earn you passive income. Referrers receive a commission percentage of their referral’s prize winnings and cash back purchases to incentivize virality. Higher annual loyalty levels reward users with more commission to earn even more money!

Ambassador Benefits

As an ambassador, you will earn a commission based on the earnings of all the users who use your personalized ambassador code. 

Based on our current data, we anticipate that each new active user who joins via your referral code will earn you around $42 per year. So, say you refer 100 people and they use your code—that’s over $4000 per year, just from being an ambassador! 

Throughout our partnership, we will also offer additional rewards and opportunities to make bonuses! 

Be a LuckyDiem Fluffle Ambassador!

Complete your information below to get referral bonuses and make passive income from other bunnies!

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