Risk-free Sales Growth

Promote your business on 100s of websites & apps reaching more than 200 million consumers.

Free Impressions. Free Clicks.

Only pay for in-store sales.



Your Business is Promoted on 100s of Websites & Apps

Your business appears on apps and websites (like Yelp, etc.) when consumers are interested in spending money.

Consumers See Your Offer and Simply Click to Activate


Your business stands out from the competition with a cashback offer. 

Consumers Make a Purchase

Consumers link their debit and credit cards to the publisher's website or app just one time to earn rewards at thousands of places.


Consumers Shop 
at Advertiser


The publisher notifies the consumer of their reward within seconds.

Track your Sales Growth


Track online impressions all the way through to in-store sales in real-time.


Here are just some of the significant results you can expect to see.

50-100+ New Customers per month  (per location)

$2,000-5,000+ Increase in Revenue per month (per location)

20-30% Increase in Return Visits

30-40% Increase in Average Order Value

Why You
Need LuckyDiem

Introducing The LuckyDiem App

Take Promotion & Customer Loyalty to the Next Level 

If you want to supercharge your customer loyalty, add the LuckyDiem app to your marketing efforts.

  • Contests, instant win prizes, and games


  • Identify and reward your best customers


  • Tiered cashback levels: people love discounts, even more so when they earn them.


  • Customized surveys


  • Create your own questions for customers so you can learn more about what they want and expect.

Case Study La Quinta Inn & Suites

LuckyDiem generated 5 new loyalty members for each existing one.


Increase in Online Signups

No, that’s not a typo. Using our proprietary game mechanics algorithms and machine learning, LuckyDiem successfully added more than five new customer loyalty members for each existing member.


Sales Lift vs Control

LuckyDiem significantly increased sales and lifted stays by more than 200% and frequency of stays by more than 180% against an active control group.


Daily Return Rate

LuckyDiem uses game mechanics to create a dopamine loop to drive users to engage with a brand on a daily basis.

What Others Say About Us

The off-line attribution and reporting is amazing.



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